World Suicide Prevention Day 2017 - Public Survey

World Suicide Prevention Day takes place annually on 10th September and this year Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust are undertaking a number of initiatives to raise awareness of suicide, including a community survey to capture attitudes and experiences of suicide.

The survey is anonymous and confidential so please be as honest as possible. Your responses will help improve local support and services for people affected by suicide. It will take no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

1. Gender


2. Age


3. Did you know it was World Suicide Prevention Day on 10th September?


4. Where did you hear about this survey?


5. Please share up to 3 words/phrases that come to mind when thinking about suicide:


6. Have you ever had a conversation on the topic of suicide?


7. Have you ever experienced thoughts of suicide?


8. If yes, did you speak to anyone about it at the time? (Tick all that apply):


9. If you spoke to no one, why do you think this was?


10. Do you know anyone who has died by suicide?


11. If you became aware that someone you know was very unhappy, stressed or agitated, would you feel able to ask them if they were having suicidal thoughts?


12. If someone you do not know appeared to be in distress or agitated, would you feel able to approach them and ask them if they were OK?